GUNA (“Grand Unified Natural evolutions Algorithm”) and SALAM (“Seven to the nth power of ten Annum Long of Age and Minor”) cycle.



Comprehends global and local evolutions study was done on four prime energy fields: Gravity, Unified electromagnetic, Nuclear strong And weak, and other derived energies of them including: polar wander, any paleomagnetic time scale, geodynamic (tectonic movement, super-continent cycle, wrench fault, tectonostratigraphy, earthquake, tsunami, mountain eruption), galactic evolution, Geologic Time Scale, global and Indonesian stratigraphy, sea level change, temperature, hydrocarbon age source rock, bioevolution (species number, mass extinction, apes-hominid-Australopithecus-homo-sapiens, human history), rain density, flooding, economy (discount rate, inflation, employment, housing contracted, five-year treasure, malaise), annual discovered hydrocarbon, etc. The study suggests formula SALAM “Seven to the nth power of ten Annum Long of Age and Minor cycle” (2003) is declared as GUNA “Grand Unified Natural evolutions Algorithm”. This graph has high correlation degree (up to 90-100 %) to many good evolutions, and is the most ready tool to accommodate all of any universe evolutions, improving age determination to the highest resolution of any evolutions derived from always incomplete data.


About 21 evolutions (in 2003) were and this paper has summarized them with new supported (77 now) evolutions derived from millions of data. Improvement includes: paleo-magnetisms in all SALAM’s periods, tsunami, Citarum rain-density, Merapi eruption, plate configurations (Central-East Java mountains, CSB’s micro-plates, Indonesian basins, Global Mid Ocean Ridges, Mediterranean igneous province, preelementary to universe size cosmoses). This study suggests that the Earth, beside a day rotation and a year revolution to the Sun, the Earth moves relatively to Sun in a sinusoidal SALAM Path as a sum of sinusoidal time and related distance functions with periods: 7a, 70a, .., 7Ga, and minor cycles with longer periods have higher magnitude. The motion creates sinusoidal function to many properties, and predict such as: vertical-horizontal plate movements, undiscovered mining areas, global warming, city drowned, floodingdrought, earthquake, economy, etc. The Cosmos size is described in detail on Masmar Cosmos.


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