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SALAM (“Seven to the nth power of ten Annum Long of Age and Minor”) cycle is a time function. The function is a sum of sinusoidal time functions with period (in annum): 7, 70, 700, 7 K, 70 K, 700 K, 7 M, 70 M, 700 M, 7 G, and 70 G, and minor cycle includes : an annum, a month, a week, and a day, with its amplitude is greater for a longer period. It covers 70 Ga, from the Big Bang (18,617,394,521 BC to 51.382.606.479 AD), and datum is in year 2000, and has an annum resolution. This function is also named SALAM Calendar. It used hundreds of data interactively to make, and especially from the best support of the 4 (four) prime energies. These energy data are Gravity product to the earth’s polar wonder during 1990-1975 for 7a, and 70a periods, and Universe formations of Big Bang, galaxies, and Solar system in period of 7 Ga, and expecting 70 Ga. Paleo-Unified electromagnetic resulted data periods: 700 a, 7 Ka, …, 7 Ga. Both Nuclear strong and weak resulted “atomic clock” of about 7 Ka. Other universe’s properties should the derivatives of the these four prime energies, and are generally lower accuracy than these dating. Includes these used data are: tectonic (global and local, earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption), stratigraphy, chemistry, sea level change, bio evolution (first fossil of prokaryote to flora-fauna including: mammal, apes, Australopithecus, homo sapiens, homo sapiens – sapiens, human), number of species in family, hydrocarbon source rock, history, rain density, humidity, economy (discount rate, inflation, five year treasure, employment, annual hydrocarbon discovery. It is proposed as GUNA “Grand Unified Natural evolutions Algorithm”. This would valued to support Billion US dollar in effort world to find mining, and reduce the hazards. Salamology covers the SALAM Theory.


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