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SALAM Hypothesis; Joint Convention HAGI “Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia”-IAGI “Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia”, Jakarta.

Best Poster Awarded.


SALAM “Seven to the n-th power of ten Annum Long of Age and Minor” cycle and Universal Evolution, including Global Tectonic and Stratigraphy for Wealth; HAGI “Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia” convention, Yogyakarta.


SALAM Theory Improve in defining Stratigraphy Nomenclature, JCS HAGI-IAGI-PERHAPI “Joint Convention Himpuan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia-Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia-Perhimpunan Ahli Perminyakan Indonesia”, Surabaya.


SALAM Theory and LINDU “Large Intensity of Natural Disaster  from Underground”; The 8th Field Wise Seminar on Geologic Engineering and The 3rd  International Symposium on Earth Resources and Geological Engineering Education, Yogyakarta.


REDI “Recorded Evolution, Development, and its Implication” Merapi and Breaking plate orchestra; Merapi Workshop, and Volcano International Gathering; Yogyakarta.


GUNA “Grand Unified Natural evolutions Algorithm”; JCB HAGI-IAGI-IATMI “Join Convention Bali-Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia-Ikatan Ahli geologi Indonesia-Iakatan Ahli teknik Perminyakan Indonesia”, Bali.







Salamologi; Majalah RESONANSI HAGI.

Salamology Predicts Excellently the Universe Evolution, Including Global Change on: Climate, Temperature, Sea Level, and Economy. Pertemuan Ilmiah Teknik Geologi, UGM, Ulang Tahun Emas (50 th).

Salamology Predicts Excellently the Global Changes, PIT “Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia, Yogyakarta.





“Seven to the n-th power of ten – Annum Long of Age – and Minor

Socialization presentation:

With audient ranges from 20-200 persons: 20 presentations.

2003             Geophysics UGM, P3G Bandung, IAGI-HAGI Riau, JCJ IAGI-HAGI.

2004             BPPT, Physic ITS, HAGI Convention.

2005             Physic UNDIP, Geophysics UGM, Physic ITS, Physic UNS, Geology UGM, UPN, Medco.

2006             International Geology Symposium, Volcano Intern,  Gathering, BMG Jkt.

2007             Exploration Chevron, BPMIGAS, P3G Bandung, JCB Join Convention Bali

2009            Pertemuan Ilmiah Teknik Geologi UGM, Ulang Tahun Emas. PIT “Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan HAGI

2012            Fisika UI.   



Audient 1-10 persons: about a hundred presentations.


Some Comment to the theory:

       Dr. Herman Mochtar, P3G: This SALAM Theory has wide range influences. It is only two persons, or may not many Indonesian persons could understand. It is suggested to the Vening Meinez Research School of Geodynamic, Holland, which could minimum resulted 3 desertations, or could up to 10.

       Prof MT Zen, ITB: It is great, and could change Indonesian philosophy.

       Ir. Wartono Rahardjo, UGM: I told you, It could be awarded Noble Prize.

       Dr. Sardjono, P3G: One function with so powerful solution.

       Prof. Suprajitno Munadi., Lemigas: This theory influences strongly so many science disciplines.

       Prof. Bambang Prasthisto, UPN: It is so impressive.

       Dr. Moedji raharto, Boscca: It is so strong formula with strong data.

       Prof. Jacub Rais (Bakosurtanal): It is so amusing and really good.

       Prof. Nazaruddin Umar, UIN, JKT:  It is so powerful (“dahzat” on Indonesian Language).

       Ir. Marno Datun, UGM: It so impressive, and needed geophysical person as this to open the science.

       A Syafran Ekasapta, S.Si, UPI: It is the beautiful algorithm.



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